Rewind 2nd Annual Alumni Step Show

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Madonna – Happy Birthday!

A big Happy Birthday to Madonna! No matter what you may think about Madonna, this girl has carved the way for much of the music and fashion styles today. So give a big Happy Birthday to my girl.

Let me know what your favorite songs are!

Mine are:
Like a Prayer
Live to Tell

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Rob Dyrdek & Street League Tour

Rob Dyrdek is stopping by on Thursday! Stay tunded!
Rob Dyrdek and his Street League Tour is comin to AZ.

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WWE Fans! Sheamus

My new red head buddy the one and only Sheamus in the house with me so much fun, we had to get it in.. love it love it.. want to see some more fun make sure you check out as well. super with my new big friend… He will break your neck, hahah cool guy.


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Bieber Tickets Giveaway and Backstage Access!!

Are you ready AZ my brother is coming to town to kick off his tour and it will start right here at Glendale.

Believe it, Beliebers, Justin Bieber is coming. The “Boyfriend” singer, 18, will kick off his 46-date Believe tour September 29 in Glendale, Arizona. With stops in L.A., Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston and New York City, Bieber will wrap things up in Miami on January 26, 2013 at the American Airlines Arena

Now I also hear he will be coming to town with, yep you guess it, “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

CHECK BACK HERE! SUPERSNAKE.COM…to get tickets and the hook up for backstage. My boy is coming back to town and we will be hooking it up like crazy all day, every day!


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Kirko Bangz at School of Rock

Kirko Bangz laid it down hard at School of Rock with SuperSnake!

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Exotic Dancer Casting Call

Strip Search, not what your mother had you thinking.  It’s a new show that will be casting in the Valley, yea, yea, yea I know you think you know what it is but it’s not. Taking some of the women of AZ and seeing if they are ready for the challenge of a new cool reality show that will be hitting the air waves soon. Strip Search coming to a tv near you, do you have what it takes, to make it on the hottest new reality show to hit the Valley?

Big shouts outs to all the ladies that came and gave it a shot for the show, be looking to find out who will make it and who will be apart of Strip Search. All the ladies, first class that came out for the event. Here are some pictures of a few, who wanted to be on Strip Search.

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Spring Bling Pool Party

Sweet’s Spring Bling was of the chain!

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Drake Concert Afterparty with J Cole

It was a packed and wild night after the Drake concert when J Cole had his after party at School of Rock.

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Drake Ticket Giveaway



Yay !  We found our first winner for Drake tickets, Miss Lindsey. Congratulations Girl we at hope you have a BLAST at the concert (make sure you take lots of pictures) ..  Now for everyone else make sure you sign up to for our next BIG PRIZE GIVEAWAY..  ITS SO EASY just SIGN UP & WIN :)

Our second winner at The Mint!

Make sure you guys keep coming back to or join the site to make sure you are at our next ticket giveaway

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Drake Ticket Giveaways!

What will you do for Drake tickets??? Ha Haaaaa!!!

C’mon… c’mon… what will you do?!
Post it in the commnents down below!!

We already got a winner on!

Lookin for our next winner. We are going to pick the best comment left here and call you out on Cinco de Mayo.

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Another Freaky Friday at School of Rock!!

 Another Freaky Friday at School of Rock!!Another Freaky Friday at School…

Another chance for you to get ya’ freak on happened at School of Rock on Mill! Thank you to everyone who showed up and partied-it-up with SuperSnake and 101.5! This is the place to be every Friday night for sexy ladies, music that keeps you on the dance floor, and great drink specials! Do you want to see what you did last night? Or do you want to see what you are missing out on? Check out the photos!!

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Cimorelli Covers ‘Turn Up The Music’ by Chris Brown

2 Cimorelli Covers Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown

The sisters of Cimorelli have done it again with another incredible a cappella cover. Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani blow the top off of “Turn Up The Music” by R&B superstar Chris Brown. This girls put it down all the time, check this out now this is singing…..

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Super Snake Reading Across America

 Super Snake Reading Across AmericaSuper Snake Reading Across America

Today Super Snake and the 101.5 Entourage headed out to Kyrene del Milenio elementary school.  Reading to the class and handing out cool prizes, Snake had all the kindergarden students excited in Miss Schacherbauer’s classroom! Check out the pictures!

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Get Your Freak On Friday!

amateurs 381111 Get Your Freak On Friday!

My girls and then some will be out tonight for the last chance to see Drake.  I might have a few surprises tonight could I have more Drake tickets?  If you have never experience the fun of School Of Rock come get it in tonight.  Hellllllo Ladies!

 Get Your Freak On Friday!School Of Rock : Jon Mcxro In…
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Brother Bieber Birthday Boy!

 Brother Bieber Birthday Boy!

Well my son had a big birthday day throw down for himself on Ellen. However did you see what he did for one of his true fan?  Take a pic you will love this one.  Happy 18th birthday player!2 Brother Bieber Birthday Boy!

So for his 18th birthday, I sent my friend a pair of shoes from Steve Nash signed.  Hope he enjoys it.

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Cee Lo Demo for Whitney Houston Surfaces

Imagine a world where Cee Lo and Whitney Houston collaborated. Unfortunately it is now impossible, but once it almost happened. Producer Waajeed, who was working with Houston on her 2009 album I Look To You, released Cee Lo’s vocal version of a demo track for Houston called “All Alone Now.”

Cee Lo wrote the track for the recently deceased diva in 2007. Waajeed commented, “At the time she was going though her very public separation with Bobby Brown. [Cee Lo] wrote the words as if she was speaking directly to him. I wish I would’ve been able to hear her wonderful voice singing these words, but for now Cee-Lo [sic] will do.”

Waajeed alludes to RCA, Houston’s label under the direction of her longtime mentor Clive Davis, calling any- and everyone to send in tracks for the troubled star’s album. Ultimately the song did not make the cut to be included on I Look To You, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 as Houston’s first #1 album since The Bodyguard soundtrack.

2 Cee Lo Demo for Whitney Houston Surfaces

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